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The most correct Western tableware cutlery

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Western food generally has knife and fork available, and they are more than one pair, often two or three. Usually the knife is placed in your right hand and the fork is placed in your left hand. How do you take the knife and fork of Western food? If you eat a dish, you need to change a knife and fork. Eat salad, eat seafood, eat the main dish, each with a pair. How do you take the three cutlery? It is taken from the outside to the inside in order. First take the outermost one, the outermost one is usually eating salad; then take the middle one, the middle is generally eating seafood; finally, the innermost one, the innermost one is the main Dish, eat steak.

The use of Western cutlery is very particular. No matter which knife and fork you take, it should generally be a left fork and a right knife.

British style of eating. How does the British style of eating work? It is like this: take the knife with your right hand and the fork with your left hand. For example, this is a steak that requires cutting from the left side. Cut it down and eat this piece right away.

The American way of eating is to cut it from the left side to the right side. After the cut, the knife in the right hand is put down, then the fork of the left hand is changed to the right hand, and the fork is used to eat the fork. The main thing is not to take the knife when eating, just use the right hand to hold the fork. It can be seen that there are big differences between American and English.

Western food and knife can not be referred to people. When using Western cutlery to cut vegetables, it is very particular. What is the general habit? The left and right elbow joints should be placed just on the sides of the waist to control your cutting action.

You plan to talk to people around you during your meal, and you can't talk to others with a knife and fork. At this point, there is a particularity. If you want to talk to others, the knife and fork must be put down first. How to put it? Please note that the knife and fork can be placed on the plate as the character of the Chinese character. The blade is facing inward and cannot be facing outwards; the fork is with the bow facing up and the teeth facing down. What does this form mean? It is to tell the waiter and others: I have not finished eating this dish. Don't let them go, don't put them side by side. The knives and forks are placed side by side, with the teeth facing inward and the forks facing up, indicating that they are not eating, please take them away immediately.