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Western Etiquette · Understanding Western Tableware

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Knife and fork placement method

When eating western food, the placement of the knife and fork is a silent language, and different ways of placing can convey different dining wishes. The placement methods are mainly French and English.

The knife and fork are placed diagonally to indicate that they are eating.

Place the knife and fork neatly in the direction of four o'clock, indicating that the meal is finished and the waiter can withdraw the plate at this time.

Separate the knife and fork and put it into a figure-eight shape, indicating that it is being eaten.

Place the knife and fork neatly at 6 o'clock, indicating that the meal is complete.

How to use the knife and fork

Western food is generally taken with a right hand and a fork with a left hand. If it is inconvenient to hold the fork with your left hand, you can also use your right hand. There are two main ways to use the knife and fork. One is English and the other is American. The two are slightly different, reflecting the differences between British and American cultures. The English style is heavy and elegant, requiring the diners to always use the right hand knife when eating, and hold the fork with the left side while cutting the fork. The American weight is convenient and fast. It is the right hand holding knife, the left hand holding the fork, after cutting all the food in the dish, then the knife in the right hand is placed obliquely in front of the plate, and the fork of the left hand is changed to the right hand. After starting to eat.

When eating a harder food such as meat, gently hold the part of the handle and place the index finger on the back of the knife.

When eating soft food such as fish dishes, gently hold the part of the fork handle with your left hand, and use the right hand to gently hold the knife.

When you need to gather food, you don't need to move the knife, but use a fork to gather the small residue to the knife.

When picking up something, use the front recess of the fork to pick it up.

If you don't need a knife to eat a dish, you can also use the right hand fork. For example, when an Italian eats noodles, he only uses one fork and does not need other utensils.

Taboo use contraindications

Of course, there are some taboos in the use of knives and forks. The following is the use of knives and forks that are easily rude on the Western table.